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Milky Case θήκη silicone flexible translucent για Xiaomi Redmi 9 – Κόκκινο


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Silicon, semi-transparent Milky Case

Do you value the characteristic appearance of your smartphone, and at the same time want to protect it from damage ? The silicone, semi-transparent Milky Case is an excellent choice because it fulfills both roles entrusted to it. The transparent, matte back of the housing in an interesting way displays the design of the device without changing its appearance. Contrasting sides with a saturated color complement the original look of the case .

The most important advantages of the Milky Case:

  • The phone won’t slip out of your hand . The Milky Case has a matte finish that holds well
  • The case will protect your phone well against any mechanical damage
  • It also protects the edges of the device – a gel frame supported by stiff backs adheres to the surface of the phone

A sure grip with the Milky Case
The matte finish is not only a purely visual aspect. The presence of a shell with such a texture makes your smartphone even more secure in your hand. So you have the guarantee that the risk of the device accidentally slipping out of your hand is kept to a minimum.

A minimalist and solid phone case
Although the case is minimalistic, it is 100% fully entrusted to it. The silicone, semi-transparent Milky Case protects your smartphone against the effects of mechanical damage – scratches or cracks. It reduces the risk of low-aesthetic fingerprints and other stains. Your device will not only be safe, but will also look great.

Some support
The case has a gel frame and a slightly stiffer back, thanks to which it holds the phone well. It adheres precisely to the edges, minimizing the risk of nicks or dents. So the new smartphone will serve you much longer!




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